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The Evans Food Sensitivity Assessment for Adults is now available for purchase! Using this assessment you will determine if you have a food sensitivity and which food it may be, along with practical advice on how to implement changes to your diet.

This Assessment follows a simple format to help you to assess your food sensitivities.

Also available now, the Evans Food Sensitivity Assessment for Children is also available for purchase!




Food Sensitivities

I have spent over 30 years living and learning the topic of food sensitivities. My journey began years ago when our own four, young, children had many unexplained symptoms and continued when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people understand the concept of how diet impacts health, learning and behaviour.  My approach to the topic is unique and offers practical help to people […]

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Automimmune Disease

Hope is the anchor of the soul. The number of people facing the challenge of an autoimmune disease is rising around the world at an alarming rate. It is believed by the American Autoimmune Disease Related Association that 50 million Americans suffer from one of the many autoimmune related diseases.  The incidence in Canada is believed to be about 2 million. Autoimmune diseases can affect any part of the part of the body and may result […]

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Chronic Illness

Chronic illness poses many unique and difficult challenges for all members of a family. Any illness that goes on for an extended period of time and has a significant impact on someone’s quality of life has the potential to diminish their sense of hope.  Finding positive ways to cope and regain a sense of purpose when coping with a long-standing chronic illness makes a big difference in people’s quality of life. Research has shown that […]

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Motivation to Change

Change is a complex topic and our ability and willingness to change varies with the issue. While it may seem easy for one person to make a significant life change, others may find it almost impossible.  While we might find it easy to add exercise to our day, we find it challenging to break up with that over controlling boyfriend.  What is the difference?  How can we get past whatever obstacles are in our […]

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