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My Commitment

I am committed to combining my life experience, my nursing knowledge, my life coaching skills and my love of supporting individuals facing adversity to help you navigate whatever challenges you are facing.  Whether I am working with you in person, offering workshops or seminars or creating written material, I remain committed to seeing you as a whole person who already has the inherent skills to find answers to your life.Our commitments

  • To honour the fact that you have many important relationships and many different aspects to your life. Whether I am working with you in person or creating written material and resources to help you explore how to help yourself, I am committed to ensuring that all aspects of who you are, what you do, and what you need are considered.
  • To hold you as being capable and resourceful and the best expert on your own life. I will offer you thought provoking questions that will help you find the solutions from within yourself rather than preach to you or assume that I know what is best for your life.
  • To provide you with strategies and questions that help you to sort through the challenges that you are facing in order to find hopeful, manageable steps forward.  Hope is nurtured by finding some value honouring, small steps you can take to begin to address whatever concerns are impacting your life and your health.
  • To help you identify at least some of the resources available to you related to any  challenges you are dealing with. Whether I am working with you as an individual or creating assessment tools and resources, I will always provide additional information on other resources that might also be beneficial.
  • To help you explore different ways of looking at your situation and to challenge you to develop a new action plan to again move toward your dreams when you find yourself stuck, frustrated, and discouraged.
  • To work with you to increase your awareness of the choices you are making in your life and help you decide if they are truly leading you to the kind of life you want. Through the use of powerful questions, I will help you explore the idea of “living by choice” and find ways to help you regain this power in areas of your life where it may have slipped away.
  • To acknowledge and celebrate all the wonderful successes and failures that you have. I will challenge you love yourself, whatever is happening in your life.
  • To help you identify the values that you hold that are most important in helping your reach your goals. Whether I am working with you in person or creating written material, I will offer questions to help you explore how you live those values every day and find creative ways to change some old habits to get you where you want to go.
  • To never pass judgment on your words or your behaviour and to encourage you to offer the same gift to yourself.
  • To honour the importance of client confidentiality and to not share any of the information discussed between us with anyone without your permission.

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