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Margaret Evans R.N., B.Sc.N., C.P.C.C. is a registered nurse and life coach who has a passion for helping children and adults maximize their potential. The wisdom she has acquired is hard fought as she struggled, years ago, to address the issues of her own children at a time when information on food sensitivities was not readily available.  Once she identified the trigger foods that were the cause of her children’s symptoms, she worked tirelessly to make the necessary diet changes manageable in the midst of her busy family life as her children grew up. She developed strategies, ways of coping, and loads of hints and recipes to make it work which she shares in her book entitled, “Could It Really Be Something They Ate? – The Life Changing Impact of Addressing Food Sensitivities in Children”.  Margaret was then able to take what she had learned about food sensitivities to adjust her own diet following a severe, E.coli intestinal infection many years later. This illness resulted in the development of an autoimmune disease, which she is now able to manage well through the use of diet and a few additional supplements. For more information on Margaret’s story, read her Journey of Hope story.  Her own personal experience as well as her years of experience with clients has allowed Margaret to develop a unique level of expertise in the area of food sensitivities.                                                                                                                                               Margaret has now compiled all the wisdom and experience she has developed in over 30 years of working with clients into a new assessment tool. She has developed both adult and children’s versions of the “Evans Food Sensitivity Assessment Tool”  (EFSAT) which allows parents, caregivers, adults and professionals to quickly determine whether or not food is a potential cause of many health, behaviour, and learning symptoms. The EFSAT then provides an easy to answer section that will determine what food is responsible for their challenges. Because many adults with chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases have food intolerances that began in infancy, using the adult version of the EFSAT to address these issues can result in a dramatic improvement in many of their symptoms. The final sections in the assessment tool support parents, adults and professionals to successfully remove this trigger food from the diet and produce long-standing, sustainable changes in their health. The EFSAT is easy to use, practical, and follows a simple, workbook like format. It helps busy people and professionals get the answers they need quickly and accurately without expensive, unpleasant, or often inaccurate tests.

Margaret is a highly regarded professional who is sought out often by families and adults struggling with difficult symptoms for which they are unable to find answers.  Over the last 30 years Margaret has worked with hundreds of individuals and families to help them address their health, behaviour, and learning challenges and she has many wonderful testimonials that speak to the life changing impact of her work. She also gives workshops and seminars to a wide range of groups in her desire to spread the information about the impact of food sensitivities on the life and health of children and adults.

Margaret lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband of 42 years and enjoys life with her 4 adult children, two daughter in laws, one son in law and 6 grandchildren.






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