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Food Sensitivities

I have spent over 30 years living and learning the topic of food sensitivities. My journey began years ago when our own four, young, children had many unexplained symptoms and continued when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people understand the concept of how diet impacts health, learning and behaviour.  My approach to the topic is unique and offers practical help to people suffering from a wide range of frustrating symptoms that they often have had difficulty finding answers to.

I have created two history forms that help me identify whether or not someone has symptoms that may potentially be related to a food sensitivity and accurately determine the offending trigger food. These forms are available for download in combination with an individual consultation with me.  I also provide workshops and presentations to groups in my continuing effort to educate more people about the positive, life changing impact that addressing food sensitivities can have.

For additional information on the topic of food sensitivities, please click here to purchase my book, “COULD IT REALLY BE SOMETHING THEY ATE? The Life Changing Impact of Addressing Food Sensitivities in Children”. This book is written for children in an effort to help prevent them from developing more chronic symptoms later in life but the concepts apply equally to adults.

It is important to have a basic knowledge of food sensitivities as well as an understanding of the differences between food allergies and food intolerances as this impacts the treatment that is used. This link will provide some basic information to help you better understand the topic.

The symptoms of food sensitivities are immensely varied and can affect any part of the body. For a free, downloadable, list of some of the symptoms, please click here.  This will help you determine whether or not the problems you are experiencing are likely related to something in your diet.

Successful diet change involves more than simply using trial and error to figure out whether or not a change in your diet will improve your symptoms.  This link offers a few basic ideas to help you understand the various aspects involved in changing your diet and lifestyle successfully.  I offer a comprehensive approach to help you not only identify if your symptoms are food related but also accurate identification of the offending food and the support to help you successfully incorporate the changes into your already busy life.