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How Do You Break A Bad Habit – You Just “Stop It”

This video link I have included here is absolutely hilarious and so true that it makes all the times I have struggled with change seem ridiculous. I am involved in a business program that addresses the power of our intentions. What we intend to do is what we do. We usually try to convince ourselves that we are “intending” to do something else but, if you want to know what you really want, notice what you are doing. Sound simple. It actually is.

If you want to change what you are doing, change the power of your intention. If you want to change your child’s diet successfully, you must be highly motivated to do it and then put the structures in place to support your decision. Figure out why you want to do it then increase your motivation so it is 10 times greater so that you can’t wait to tackle the problem. You then must design a fail safe plan to make it work. Take time to ensure that this plan has included steps for unexpected emergencies and even a plan for when you want to bail on your plan.

Rather than view change with such a serious energy, try lightening up on the topic. Focus on what you really want and then design the most exciting and fun based way to get it. If you are stuck, ask your kids. They are masters of fun and don’t even have to think about it.

Watch this video which has had thousands of hits on YouTube. Clearly, I am not the only person who stumbles with change when I really just need to “STOP IT!!!