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Did You Know that 70% of Your Immune System is in Your Gut?

The body contains many specialized cells that allow it to absorb nutrients from the food that we eat without responding to it as a foreign substance.  The specialized tissue known as GALT (gut-associated lymphoid tissue) is present throughout the bowel walls and allows the body to differentiate between healthy food and disease causing organisms.

If the balance of bacteria in the bowel is upset as a result of a poor diet, food sensitivities, excessive stress, harmful chemicals, or a combination of all of these, the cells lining the digestive tract can become damaged and inflamed. The walls then become leaky as the spaces between the cells increase and particles of food as well as unhealthy organisms and toxins cross over from the bowel into the general circulation.  This results in a wide range of symptoms in all parts of the body and a decreased ability to fight infection.  Unless the trigger that is causing the initial inflammation is removed, the health of the bowel wall continues to deteriorate and the health of the individual is increasingly compromised.


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