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How Happy Are You With Your Dash?

This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read.  I used the video at the celebration of life for a dear friend of mine, several years ago.  I just watched it again and it is a wonderful reminder to spend our days in ways that nourish both others and ourselves.  It is a poem about the “dash” that appears on our tombstone between the date of our death and the date of our birth. The link to the movie is below.

As I work with many individuals and families facing adversity of all kinds, I am always so inspired by their efforts to make their own life or that of their family better.  Rather than settle for the status quo, which they don’t believe it enough; they are striving to find more answers or more ideas they haven’t yet tried.  The increased potential that is offered to children when their health, behaviour, or learning is improved has a ripple impact for the rest of their lives. It is a significant impact on their dash!

I invite you to take a look at your DASH.  Are you happy with how things are going?  Are you happy with how you are responding to how things are going?  Perhaps you can’t change your circumstance but you can change your attitude.  As you do this, you also impact the attitude of your family and others around you.  Children deserve to have parents who nourish their dash when they are young so they can maximize their potential when they are older.

Here is the link: http://play.simpletruths.com/movie/the-dash-poem/

It is from a wonderful website called Simple Truths that is filled with short and inspiring videos and books.  A wonderful resource. http://www.simpletruths.com