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Nothing Can Keep Me Down If I Can Find A Way Up!

NOTHING CAN KEEP ME DOWN IF I CAN FIND A WAY UP!  What inspiring words from a 97 year old woman about to try and break the world record for the 100 metre sprint.  She began running at 67 and has competed in many races since then.  Her goal now is to break the world record for people over 95.   She lost her husband when he was 42 and both of her sons were killed and yet she has a positive, anything is possible attitude.

I was humbled by this story this morning.  I awoke with a list of things to do and a few aches and pains.  As I watched this, I saw a living, breathing example of resilience.  This is how I would like to live my next 30 years.  Giving it my all, whatever challenges appear, and doing it with laughter.  Watch this video for yourself and notice where you have been selling out on yourself and making excuses for not doing something.  Perhaps Ida’s story will inspire you, as well. http://www.godvine.com/97-Year-Old-Track-Runner-Works-to-Break-the-Record-for-100m-Dash-2848.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2-17-2013