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Testimonial from Avril Corbet

My initial meeting with Margaret was to investigate the part my diet was causing my Ear, Nose and Throat problem which had been plaguing me for years, each winter.   It became obvious,  from consulting with Margaret, that my diet was top heavy with dairy products.  Cutting out these helped me enormously, as I have not had a bout of  laryngitis for the past three winters.

 At this time I developed an arthritic  problem which has limited my usual very active life.   I was heading for retirement, at which time Margaret in her capacity as Life Coach worked with me to help plan an evolving plan for my ensuing time. 

I have to say that she has been a huge force in my Life thus far.   She has such a great personal commitment as she works with one.                                                                        

Avril Corbet.  Vancouver. B.C. Canada.

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