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Motivational Speech By the Amazing Les Brown

What motivates you to step past your fears, hesitation, and excuses to achieve something you really want? Do you listen to the doubts of others and let go of your dreams or do you listen to the compelling voice of your heart and soul calling you forward?

Les Brown has the most amazing story. He was given up for adoption as a child and labelled as educably mentally retarded. He never gave up or gave in thanks to his ability to move past the criticisms of others as he always saw something more for himself. Listen to this video where he shares his story and part of his philosophy of success. He is now known as the world’s greatest motivational speaker – a guy with no university education who has never worked for a big corporation and was labelled as retarded as a child.

What excuses or stories are you using to keep you stuck? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? What is stopping you? What if you taught this attitude of possibility to your kids as they grew up and encouraged them to fail so they were willing to take risks.

Les Brown’s story inspires me. I would love to be able to motivate audiences as he does and speak only positive, encouraging words to myself when I slip up and make mistakes. He offers himself nothing but positive, encouraging self talk and moves past those saboteur voices that say something is impossible. I am practicing remembering to do that! I am getting better but there is still a great deal of room for improvement!!

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