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Could Diabetes Be Caused By A Dairy Intolerance?

Could it really be possible that type one diabetes is triggered by an intolerance to dairy products?  More and more literature is appearing in journals and on the internet that offers compelling information about the link between the two.  As I have worked with many hundreds of people in the last 25 years to address their food sensitivities I, too, have noticed a pattern.  In the families where there is a long history through the generations of type one diabetes, there also seems to be an extraordinary number of people with a significant allergy or intolerance to dairy products.  It is an interesting concept to consider and I hope that more research is done to further investigate the link.  Diabetes is a serious disease that affects many thousands of children and adults so finding a connection with diet would enable early intervention in at risk children.

Watch this interesting video and see what you think. http://www.vegsource.com/news/2011/05/dr-mcdougall-type-1-diabetes-caused-by-milk-video.html