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Inspiring Success Stories on a Paleo Diet!


One of my favourite things is inspiring stories where people of any age have overcome adversity.  The link below is to a podcast that shares the success stories of people who overcame a wide variety of chronic illnesses by switching to a Paleo style of diet.  It is a posting on the wonderful website http://scdlifestyle.com/which has loads of resources on grain free diets.


A Paleo diet emphasizes healthy, organic, grass fed meats along with organic fruits and vegetables.  All grains are eliminated and the goal is to follow, as close as possible, the diet eaten by our Paleolithic ancestors.  Many of the grains currently available have been genetically modified so that they barely resemble the grasses eaten by our ancestors.  For more information on this topic you can read the book, “Wheat Belly”.  You can also follow the blog connected to the book and learn more about how grains have been modified to allow them to be more resistant to disease and weather.  The link is http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/

While the book Wheat Belly contains a lot of good information related to the chemistry of wheat, it encourages consumption of several other gluten free grains.  While this works for some people, other people do much better if they eliminate all grains. I personally eat this type of diet and know of many people whose health has been transformed when they have follow the Paleo style of diet. The complex sugars in most grains can be difficult to digest for people with significant bowel inflammation.  If the enzyme, amylase, is not present in sufficient quantities or is prevented from completely digesting carbohydrates, the result is excessive gas, bloating, and an increase in inflammation.  By removing all the complex starches from the diet as well as replenishing healthy bacteria that have been lost, the bowel is allowed to heal.